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Create a state of aliveness and fluidity. Get on top of your game, control your own life and soar to success. By cultivating not only your body, but also your mind. Using the secrets of martial arts and applying the 9 stage self mastery process to create and live a life of excellence. Get your FREE – Be Like Water Seminar
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How can you 'Master Your Life' ?

Master Your Life is a unique, motivational literary experience for readers, inspired by the teachings of Bruce Lee. Lak Loi is a third generation instructor in Bruce Lee’s martial art and philosophy, and on this website he teaches you The Art of Martial Mindpower which you can use in everyday life to stay on top of your game and control the outcome of your life by taking charge of your mindset.

Align yourself towards your personal liberation and self-actualisation
Connect to your true authentic higher self and connect to nature
Achieve your personal success goals
Tap into your ultimate potential

Master Your Life - The Art of Martial Mind Power


The Book – Master Your Life

This book is for the non-martial artist as much as it is for the martial artist. Whether you are a Bruce Lee fan, a martial philosopher or simply a martial arts and action movie buff. The book covers the 9 stages of Martial Mind Power

  • Stillness
  • Empty Your Teacup
  • Possess An Eagle Eye
  • Think and Become
  • Waatah!!!
  • Honestly Express Yourself
  • Be Like Water
  • Power Side Forwards
  • Stay Ahead
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What is The Objective?

Many believe that ‘Kung Fu’ just refers to Chinese martial arts and combative styles, systems, methods and so on. This is INCORRECT!

The meaning of ‘Kung Fu’ or ‘Gung Fu’ is: ‘To develop expertise or excellence in skills and abilities, through hard work and practice over time.’

This means any martial artist like a Judoka, Karateka, Jitsuka, Aikidoka, Boxer, Wrestler, etc or even a non-martial artist like a Doctor, Dentist, Cook, Painter, Plumber, etc, can all Cultivate your Kung Fu. The idea of Master Your Life is to help all people like you to cultivate your own excellence, so you too can Live a Life of Excellence. It is to Learn the Art of Modelling Excellence of which Bruce Lee was a Master.

Loi’s personal mission statement is:

‘My chief definite purpose is to educate, inspire and empower people, so that they can live life to its truest potential… so they can align themselves towards their personal liberation, self-actualisation and achieve their personal success goals.’


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