Self Happiness

Written by Lak Loi, Founder of Martial Mind Power,

One of the common western world statements when thinking, speaking and acting is…

As long as it makes you happy.

However, this is only thinking about ‘self happiness,’ ignoring the happiness of others. Sometimes acts of self happiness can be selfish, and can cause others a lot of grief, pain and suffering.

In Hindi, the phrase ‘self happiness’ translates into ‘Kudh Kushi’ which means ‘suicide.’ Suicide of yourself and others happiness… not ‘self happiness’ at all!

So happiness is not just about the self, it is about everyone’s happiness, because we are all connected. So next time you have a decision to make about your happiness, think about the consequences your words and actions will have on other people as well, because your happiness is interdependent on your environment and the people in it.

Peace, respect and love, Lak

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