Dark Matter, Matters

Written by Lak Loi,

Dark matter is the…
  • The unknown,
  • The unknowable,
  • The undiscovered,
  • The undetectable,
  • The unseeable,
  • The unhearable,
  • The unfeelable,
  • The untasteable,
  • The unsmellable,
  • The unthinkable,
  • The unexplainable.
Particles, energy, vibration, light that are omnipresent (always existed, and will continue to exist).
This is the stuff that we’re made of, inside of us, outside of us.
This is the ocean we’re swimming in and permeates through us.
It is us.
When the time is right, the unknowable will reveal itself… To us through us.
That’s why, Dark Matter Matters.

Peace, respect & love, Lak

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