Bamboo Principle

Written by Lak Loi, Master Your Life, The Art of Martial Mind Power

The Law of Harmony / The Bamboo Principle  [Chapter: Power Side Forwards, Pg. 290]

The application of the principles of Yin and Yang in Gung Fu are expressed as the ‘Law of Harmony’, also known as ‘The Bamboo Principle’.

The Law of Harmony states that one should be in harmony with, not in rebellion against, the force of the opposition. This means that one should do nothing that is not natural or spontaneous: the important thing is not to strain in any way.

As Bruce Lee said:

‘So neither gentleness nor firmness holds any more than one half of a broken whole which, welded together, forms the true way of martial art. The tendency to guard against is from getting too firm and stiff. Notice that the stiffest tree is most easily cracked, while the bamboo or willow survives by bending with the wind. This is why a gung fu man is soft yet not yielding, firm, yet not hard. The best example of gung fu is water. Water can penetrate the hardest granite because it is yielding. One cannot stab or strike at water and hurt it because that which offers no resistance cannot be overcome.’

To learn more about water, please see the ‘Be Like Water’ section in the book. From a combative standpoint, Bruce Lee went on to say:

‘When the opponent expands, l contract. When he contracts, l expand.’

Peace, respect & love, Lak

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