Corporate Self Mastery can help you… cultivate your employees and your business to thrive

Providing training, coaching, consultancy, inspirational speaking for achieving excellence in all aspects of their work and personal lives using fun fitness, martial arts and personal development teachings

Our Offering

We provide training, coaching, consultancy and inspirational speaking to enable modern businesses to thrive by putting their people first, and helping them cultivate their Self Mastery towards achieving excellence in all aspects of their work and personal lives using fun fitness, martial arts and personal development teachings





How… We Can Help You

Re-humanise People

Do your people feel like ‘human doings’ rather than ‘human beings’?

Employee eXperience

Are your people enjoying their experience working for you? Are you a forward thinking business?

Tap into Peoples Potential

Are your people giving you their truest potential?

Inspired Thought Leadership

Are your people leading through inspired thought leadership taking your company to new heights with daily inspired visions, innovations & creations?

Meaningful Work

Do your people feel like they’re doing something meaningful with their lives?


Do your people feel loved and valued by you?

Earn Loyalty

Do your people go out of their way for you, and do whatever it takes?

Make Work Cool

Is your workplace a cool hip and trendy place to ‘be’ and hang out?


Are you willing to collaborate with us to support existing wellness/wellbeing programmes?


Are your senior management teams championing this movement to support this corporate self mastery programme?

Rich Culture

Are you nurturing a rich healthy culture across all aspects of your employees and businesses life, including: financial, physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, career & vocation, social, family & friends and personal?

Our Services

The highest expression of humanity, is servitude to others


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    1 on 1 coaching
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    Bespoke programmes
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    Employee eXperience
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    Life journey programming 


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    Inspirational talks
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    Motivation and Inspiration
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Our Virtues

​The Bushido Code: The Eight Virtues of the Samurai

The word samurai originally meant ‘one who serves,’ and referred to men of noble birth assigned to guard members of the Imperial Court. Fiercly loyal to their masters and true to the unwritten code of chivalrous behavior known today as Bushido (usually translated as “Precepts of Knighthood” or “Way of the Warrior”).

Virtuous, a romantic archetype akin to Europe’s medieval knights or the American cowboy of the Wild West emerged which described a philosophy on how chivalrous humans should act in their personal and professional lives. With times a changing from war ridden to peace loving, over the centuries the public wearing of swords was outlawed and the warrior class was abolished, and they had evolved into swordless samurai.

What today’s readers may find most enlightening about Bushido is the emphasis on compassion, benevolence, and the other non-martial qualities of true humanity. Here are Bushido’s Eight Virtues which underpin our very own virtues:

I. Rectitude or Justice

Bushido refers not only to martial rectitude, but to personal rectitude: Rectitude or Justice, is the strongest virtue of Bushido. A well-known samurai defines it this way: ‘Rectitude is one’s power to decide upon a course of conduct in accordance with reason, without wavering; to die when to die is right, to strike when to strike is right.’ Another speaks of it in the following terms: ‘Rectitude is the bone that gives firmness and stature. Without bones the head cannot rest on top of the spine, nor hands move nor feet stand. So without Rectitude neither talent nor learning can make the human frame into a samurai.’

II. Courage

Bushido distinguishes between bravery and courage: Courage is worthy of being counted among virtues only if it’s exercised in the cause of Righteousness and Rectitude. In his Analects, Confucius says: ‘Perceiving what is right and doing it not, reveals a lack of Courage.’ In short, ‘Courage is doing what is right.’

III. Benevolence or Mercy

A human invested with the power to command and the power to kill was expected to demonstrate equally extraordinary powers of benevolence and mercy: Love, magnanimity, affection for others, sympathy and pity, are traits of Benevolence, the highest attribute of the human soul. Both Confucius and Mencius often said the highest requirement of a ruler/leader of people is Benevolence.

IV. Politeness

Discerning the difference between obsequiousness and politeness can be difficult for casual visitors to Japan, but for a true human, courtesy is rooted in benevolence: Courtesy and good manners have been noticed by every foreign tourist as distinctive Japanese traits. But Politeness should be the expression of a benevolent regard for the feelings of others; it’s a poor virtue if it’s motivated only by a fear of offending good taste. In its highest form Politeness approaches love.

​V. Honesty and Sincerity

True samurai, according to author Nitobe, disdained money, believing that “humans must grudge money, for riches hinder wisdom.” Thus children of high-ranking samurai were raised to believe that talking about money showed poor taste, and that ignorance of the value of different coins showed good breeding: Bushido encouraged thrift, not for economical reasons so much as for the exercise of abstinence. Luxury was thought the greatest menace to manhood, and severe simplicity was required of the warrior class … the counting machine and abacus were abhorred.

VI. Honor

Though Bushido deals with the profession of soldiering, it is equally concerned with non-martial behavior: The sense of Honor, a vivid consciousness of personal dignity and worth, characterized the samurai. He was born and bred to value the duties and privileges of his profession. Fear of disgrace hung like a sword over the head of every samurai. To take offense at slight provocation was ridiculed as ‘short-tempered.’ As the popular adage put it: ‘True patience means bearing the unbearable.’

VII. Loyalty

Economic reality has dealt a blow to organizational loyalty around the world. Nonetheless, true humans remain loyal to those to whom they are indebted: Loyalty to a superior was the most distinctive virtue of the feudal era. Personal fidelity exists among all sorts of humans: a gang of pickpockets swears allegiance to its leader. But only in the code of chivalrous Honor does Loyalty assume paramount importance.

VIII. Character and Self-Control

Bushido teaches that humans should behave according to an absolute moral standard, one that transcends logic. What’s right is right, and what’s wrong is wrong. The difference between good and bad and between right and wrong are givens, not arguments subject to discussion or justification, and a human should know the difference. Finally, it is a human’s obligation to teach his children moral standards through the model of his own behavior: The first objective of samurai education was to build up Character. The subtler faculties of prudence, intelligence, and dialectics were less important. Intellectual superiority was esteemed, but a samurai was essentially a man of action. No historian would argue that Hideyoshi personified the Eight Virtues of Bushido throughout his life. Like many great humans, deep faults paralleled his towering gifts. Yet by choosing compassion over confrontation, and benevolence over belligerence, he demonstrated ageless qualities of humanity. Today his lessons could not be more timely, especially in the Corporate battle field.

​The Problems

To be the best, you must be able to handle the worst

Companies who participated in Britains Healthiest Workplace survey in 2015 highlighted the seriousness of poor physical and mental health, with almost £26 billion costs per year to businesses for mental health issues alone.

Findings also highlighted the plethora of problems illustrated in the info graphics below, making it blatantly clear,  employers need to take responsibility and ownership of the problems arising in their companies,  and  take inspired action to restore this imbalance  before they lose more of  their most valuable asset, the people!

This is why pro-active preventative and promotional inspired action is necessary right now to improve this situation, and Corporate Self Mastery is a fun unique hands-on solution.

For more details click here 

Physical and Mental Problems from the Workplace

Causes of Problems

What Worries Your Employees?

Health at Work Reports

For more information on Health at Work industry approved articles, checkout the reports below sponsored by Vitality.

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Our Solution

Often finding meaning is not about doing things differently.
It is about seeing familiar things in new ways


We do wellbeing differently. We believe that wellbeing starts with the individual cultivating ones Self Mastery through the body, mind and spirit. Once you honour yourself, only then can you honour others and Mother Earth for sustainability (which is really important to us). We use fitness and martial motion in a fun playful way, coupled with martial philosophy and unique applications of personal development transformational teachings to… move the body, to move the mind, to move you and your business towards your success.


If knowledge is power, then why give it away indiscriminately. Like a powerful Ferrari running on worn out tyres, power without control and an irresponsible driver can be catastrophic. We help you cultivate your Self Mastery through carefully planned and bespoke training courses, workshops, and experiences, to ensure you embed the learnings so you and your business can thrive towards your specific success goals with control and calibration.


Self Mastery is about ‘Being the best you can be’ as an individual, team and organization. All Self Mastery starts with an inspired model of excellence, and we work to help you identify that so you can move towards that using strategies with a martial mindset.


Self Mastery is ultimately about you taking responsibility and ownership for: Your self; Your work and creation; Your family, friends, team, department and organization; and Your life. We teach you the strategies to do this with congruency and ecology, so you can create balance in all aspects of your life, both at home and at work.


Once you have discovered your gift of Self Mastery, then you have a responsibility to give it away, and illuminate the path for others through inspired thought leadership. Showing new creative and innovative ways of thinking to make things happen with optimal performance, and being in the flow.

Training - 9 Steps to Corporate Self Mastery

Corporate Self Mastery is a process of physical and mental cultivation for projects, programmes, individuals, teams, departments and the company, so your business can thrive to be the best it can be as a collective

There are 9 key steps to Self Mastery, which can be mixed and matched to suit your employees and businesses needs. The 9 steps and training courses to Self Mastery are: -

Calm the mind

Empty Your Teacup
Open your mind to new possibilities

Possess An Eagle Eye
Start seeing new possibilities

Think & Become
Conceive, believe and achieve

Turn your fear into fuel

Honestly Express Yourself
The art of persuasion, influence & communication

Be Like Water
Get into the flow

Power Side Forwards
Use your strengths to maximum advantage

Stay Ahead
Get ahead and stay ahead

These 9 steps to Self Mastery have been adapted into the additional Corporate Self Mastery training courses which can help you cultivate specific employee and business needs as shown below:

  • Daily Stress Management / Mindfulness
  • Communication Skills
  • Conflict Management
  • Influencing, Persuasion & Leadership Skills
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Motivation Management
  • Time Management
  • Maximising Your Strengths
  • Work Life Balance
  • Goal Setting
  • Efficiency Management
  • Team Building Experiences​
  • Management
  • ​Fear Management
  • New Joiners
  • Personal Development Plan
  • Leavers Course​
  • Leadership Training


A teacher is never a giver of the truth; he is a guide, a pointer to the truth that each student must find for himself

Over two decades working with high-profile CEOs, CIOs, CFOs, COOs, CDOs, Senior Executives, Heads of Departments and Senior Management among Lak’s coaching clients. Lak Loi excels at understanding the strategic challenges of the modern day professional to support them achieve Zen Mastery and Martial Resilience in the high-pressure corporate battle field.

1-on-1 Coaching

Teams Coaching

Business Strategy and Executive Coaching


Knowledge speaks, wisdom listens

As the leading authority on Self Mastery, Lak Loi is an expert on Zen mastery and mindfulness, professional martial resilience, and self mastery in wellbeing at work and personal life. Lak Loi is a regular speaker at events, seminars, TV and radio talks across the globe, having also founded MMP Talks, a platform for Spreading Self Mastery Inspired by Martial Arts. Lak’s humbly enlightening knowledge and wisdom coupled with explosive martial artistry and fitness, is a pointer to the students original truth, leaving audiences with that feeling of ‘the window of clarity’ in their own journey, in a simple and pragmatic way so people can tap into their infinite power with certainty and intent. That’s why Lak calls it Martial Mind Power.

Inspirational Talks and Demonstrations

Your Benefits

A law of win-win says, let’s not do it your way or my way,

Let’s do it the best way

Checkout the benefits of practicing Corporate Self Mastery to both your employees and your business: 

Intermediate Benefits (Non-Financial)

Related Bottom Line Benefits (Financial)

Reduced Sickness Absence

Reduced Sick Payments

Reduced Overtime Payments

Reduced Temporary Recruitment Costs

Reduced Permanent Staff Payroll

Increased Employee Satisfaction

Reduced Staff Turnover

Reduced Recruitment Costs

Reduced Accidents and Injuries

Reduced Legal Costs and Claims

Reduced Insurance Premiums

Reduced Healthcare Costs

Increased Productivity

Increased Revenues

Reduced Overtime Payments

Reduced Permanent Staff Payroll

Increased Company Profile

Increased Revenues

Reduced Recruitment Costs

Increased Employee Health and Welfare

Reduced Healthcare Costs

Increased Resource Utilisation 

Reduced Management Time

*PwC Research

In addition, your organization can use the Corporate Self Mastery programmes to boost your existing:

​​​Corporate Social Responsibility*

Changes are also taking place in company management where success and company excellence are not measured in financial terms alone but business performance is measured in a more balanced way. The success of management tools such as the balance scorecard are evidence of this.

For many years, European companies have regarded wellness as a duty of corporate social responsibility. Many multinational companies also share this attitude and include wellness in their annual reports on social responsibility. Of the 20 largest multinational companies, 75% published corporate responsibility reports online, of which 93% emphasised their commitment to improving the health of employees. This reflects the view of the World Business Council for Sustainable Development, which states that corporate social responsibility is about  ‘improving the quality of life of the workforce and their families as well as of the local community and society at large.’

Growing international pressure from leading edge employers to drive wellness as part of corporate social responsibility strategies may encourage businesses to start treating wellness as an integral component of their business model.

Government and Competition*

This pressure will likely be reinforced by the government in an attempt to reduce the burden on public services, such as the increased costs of chronic diseases on the NHS. Healthy working conditions improve the health of the population as a whole. A reduction in people using medical and rehabilitative services leads to savings in public health service expenditure.

In an increasingly competitive labour market, there will also be more pressure on employers to distinguish themselves in order to attract and retain staff as well as to ensure that older workers remain healthy. A wellness programme is one way of attracting and retaining employees as well as helping to keep the ageing talent pool healthier.

*Checkout the Government Report on Employee Wellness by clicking here 


Our Metrics

How can you measure something that has never been done before

Each business is different, so we will assess how each business intends to measure progress, whether it’s based on a…

  • Project
  • Programme
  • Individual
  • Team
  • Department
  • The whole company, or
  • Some other unique perspective we agree on during the planning stage

…that will serve your modern business to thrive.

The goals of the Corporate Self Mastery programme is to help your employees and business thrive so you should see: -

  • check
    Increased staff satisfaction, morale, and team bonding
  • check
    Decreased work pressure
  • check
    More projects and programmes delivered on time
  • check
    Reductions in absenteeism
  • check
    Reductions in sick days
  • check
    Reduced staff turnover
  • check
    Increased staff retention
  • check
    Reduced accidents and injuries
  • check
    Improved employee health and fitness
  • check
    Improved company image internally and externally, and the bottom-line...
  • check
    Increased revenues

We can measure the benefits and Benefit Cost Ratios (BCR) of a Corporate Self Mastery programme based on the following metrics plus their associated costs (but not limited to):

Employee Satisfaction
Employee scores

Overworked Employees
Overtime hours
Overtime costs

Sickness Days
Sick pay costs
Overtime costs
Temporary recruitment costs
Permanent staff payroll costs

Staff Turnover
Retention statistics
Temporary recruitment costs
Permanent staff costs

Accidents and Injuries
Number of incidents
Legal costs and claims
Insurance premiums
Healthcare costs

Overtime costs
Permanent staff payroll costs

Company Image
Client and public survey

Fitness Statistics
Resting Heart Rate (RHR)
Blood Pressure (BP)
Blood sugar levels
Body Mass Index (BMI)
Electro Cardio Gram (ECG)
Fitness test scores
Lifestyle changes

The Small Difference That Makes The Big Difference

You cannot win together, If you do not work together

Unlike other reactive Wellbeing and Wellness programmes, we do not do:

  1. Boring health and safety – we leave this to the health and safety specialists, and
  2. Boring ill health management – we leave this to the occupation health, rehabilitation, long-term disability management, return to work scheme, and absence management specialists.

We enjoy providing the pro-active prevention and promotion aspect of Wellness, which includes: -

  1. Health and fitness promotion,
  2. Work-life balance and stress management, and
  3. Career and personal development.

The small difference that makes the big difference is that we have a totally new and unique approach using Self Mastery to cultivate people and businesses to thrive, combined with fun and exciting movement based learning using fitness, martial arts & philosophy, and personal development for holistic physical and mental cultivation. 

We not only focus on the individual employees like most Wellness programmes, but also: -

  • Projects 
  • Programmes 
  • The individuals 
  • The team 
  • The department
  • The whole company
  • Bespoke programmes with well formed outcomes (by personal application only).

Here is a list of all the Corporate Self Mastery courses in addition to the 9 Steps to Self Mastery: -


Communication Skills

Conflict Management

Daily Stress Management Classes

Influencing, Persuasion & Leadership Skills

Sales & Marketing

Time Management

Maximising Your Strengths

Work Life Balance

Goal Setting

Efficiency Management

Team Building Experiences

Stress Management

Fear Management

New Joiners

Personal Development Plan

Leavers Course

Change Management Leadership Training

Business Strategy & Executive Coaching

Our Implementation Framework

The only source of knowledge, is experience

Since all companies and their people are different, there is not a ‘one size fits all’ solution.  We provide a framework that offers a practical approach to implementation which focuses on the companies values by project, programme, individual, team, department, or the company as a whole.


  • Leadership goes beyond endorsement of programmes and involves active and visible participation of senior management in the Self Mastery programmes
  • Create a culture of Self Mastery that aligns Self Mastery with the businesses overall goals and missions
  • Create effective communication channels that ensure employees are consulted and continually informed of Self Mastery initiatives

1. Plan

  • Conduct a needs analysis that investigates the employees health, fitness and wellbeing needs, motivations and readiness for change
  • Understand Self Mastery services currently offered and how they are meeting/missing the employees needs
  • Understand specific organisational risks and priorities in relation to workplace Self Mastery
  • Consider the range of Self Mastery initiatives and providers and assess which options would fulfil the organisation’s priorities

2. Execute

  • Programme design is tailored and considers the scope and severity of needs
  • Decide a set of key performance indicators that evaluate process, outcomes and impact
  • Ensure a programme engages employees through appropriate incentives and social marketing techniques

3. Manage

  • Ensure evaluation and management steps are a continual process that inform the plan and execute steps of the cycle
  • Monitoring systems should be clear, simple and ensure confidentiality
    Identify and collect cost and benefit data to undertake financial impact modelling

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Knowing is not enough, we must apply
Willing is not enough, we must do

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