Corporate Training Courses

Offline training courses, workshops and experiences – Business Skills Courses & Content

Communication Skills

Learn how to communicate effectively with colleagues at all levels to develop your interpersonal skills with emotional intelligence to inspire high performance » Read More

Conflict Management

Learn how to deal with conflicts, confrontations and disagreements with emotional intelligence towards amicable outcomes » Read More

Daily Stress Management Classes

Learn techniques to manage stress effectively in high pressure environments to increase productivity and well-being on a daily basis » Read More

Influencing, Persuasion & Leadership Skills

Learn the art of influencing and persuasion for stakeholder buy-in, influencing decisions to achieve your goals, to sell products and services, or to lead a team through inspiration and empowerment » Read More

Sales & Marketing

Learn the art of sales and marketing with grace for stakeholder management, stakeholder buy-in, business negotiations and sales » Read More

Motivation Management

Raise team motivation, assertiveness and performance levels to achieve your business goals » Read More

Time Management

Identify your success roadmap, create tactics and strategies to get there, and anticipate risk along the way so that you can deliver on time » Read More

Maximizing Your Strengths

Identify your key strengths, so you can tap into your true potential and add maximum value to your company » Read More

Work Life Balance

Create balance in your professional and personal life to increase productivity and happiness in the workplace » Read More

Goal Setting

Identify your success formula, define SMART goals, and define a path to achieve them » Read More

Efficiency Management

Develop fluidity and efficiency in the workplace » Read More

Team Building Experiences

Build, re-unite and gel teams so they work as a unit to maximise performance » Read More

Stress Management

Learn techniques to manage stress effectively in high pressure environments to increase productivity and well-being » Read More

Fear Management

Manage fear created due to company or PESTLE change » Read More

New Joiners

Integrate new joiners into teams using fun-based team activities » Read More

Personal Development Plan

Complete personal development training plan for all employees » Read More

Leavers Course

Prepare employees who are being made redundant or laid off, look forward to bigger and better opportunities » Read More

Change Management Leadership Training

Turning functional managers into business leaders by creating an inspired vision and strategy for your team or department to lead change from the front » Read More

Business Strategy & Executive Coaching

Bespoke coaching for senior management and executives for innovative strategic business and organisational design » Read More