Communication Skills (3 days)

Learn how to communicate effectively with colleagues at all levels to develop your interpersonal skills with emotional intelligence to inspire high performance.

For:  All employees at all levels, especially those who interact with people on a regular basis to inspire high performance

Course objectives

  • Develop an awareness of your surrounding corporate environment and how to read what is going on
  • Develop a self awareness for self management of personal behavior and emotions
  • Recognize behavior and emotions in others, to respond to them in a way which inspires high performance
  • Understand the consequences of behavior and weigh decisions before taking action
  • Understand how to get the best out of people by building rapport, honouring their communication and asking empowering questions

Course content

  • OODA loop – understanding the decision making cycle
  • Developing visual acuity
  • Relaxation
  • Peripheral vision
  • Visual perception
  • Visual system
  • Visual field
  • Averted vision
  • Visual focus principle