Conflict Management(2 days)

Learn how to deal with conflicts, confrontations and disagreements with emotional intelligence towards amicable outcomes

For:   All employees at all levels

Course objectives

  • Develop an awareness of your colleagues preferred communication style
  • Develop an self awareness of your own preferred communication style
  • Understand how to adapt to your colleagues preferred style of communication
  • Identify areas for your own development
  • Understanding how to create a win-win situation
  • Understand how to use your physiology to dissolve hostile situations
  • Understand how to use words and tonality towards amicable outcomes
  • Demonstrate skills in resolving conflict, confrontation and disagreements
  • Identify conflicts in the workplace, and create a plan to resolve them

Course content

  • Physiology and emotion
  • Building rapport using gestures
  • Congruency
  • Ecology
  • Broken rapport
  • Rapport and disagreement
  • Building rapport using tonality
  • Building rapport using the right words