Influencing, Persuasion & Leadership Skills (4 days)

Learn the art of influencing and persuasion for stakeholder buy-in, influencing decisions to achieve your goals, to sell products and services, or to lead a team through inspiration and empowerment

For: All employees at all levels, in particular: Senior managers, Programme, Managers, Project Managers,Team leaders, All sales and marketing employees

Course objectives

  • Gain an understanding on what drives peoples decisions
  • Gain an understanding on how to adapt your communication to negotiate and influence their decisions
  • Understand how to negotiate and create a win-win situation
  • Gain an understanding on how to lead people through inspired influence for effective leadership

Course content

*Communication Skills (pre-req)

  • Congruency and ecology
  • Principles of human nature
  • Eleven triggers of influence
  • Martial weapons of influence
  • Effect of influence
  • Games of influence