Leavers Course (2 days)

Prepare employees who are being made redundant or laid off, look forward to bigger and better opportunities

For: Employees being made redundant , Employees being laid off

Course objectives

  • Full 9 stage personal development programme to encourage leavers of circumstance to look forward to leaving for bigger and better opportunities
  • This gesture shows the company has empathy towards another human being who has served our organization, and sends them off best prepared to move onwards and upwards

Course content


Manage stress and anxiety of losing job, and looking for another role elsewhere

Empty Your Teacup

See new opportunities with clarity in such an adverse situation

Possess An Eagle Eye

Stop looking for a job, and start seeing opportunities and experiences to be part of

Think and Become

Believe in better opportunities after your employment here Create a state of ‘must’ so you can thrive and liberate yourself to move on


Overcome anxiety and fear of losing your job and looking for another role

Honestly Express Yourself

Be able to communicate and interview effectively to secure your next role Sell yourself effectively in the best light

Be Like Water

Get into a state of vision and happiness Get into your flow

Power Side Forwards

Identify your true strengths and focus on sharing them

Stay Ahead

Understand how to manage adversity Visualize your strategic goals and timeline them to help you stay on track