Personal Development Plan (PDP) (2 weeks)

Complete personal development training plan for all employees

For: All employees at all levels as part of PDP scheme

Course objectives

  • Full 9 stage personal development programme to help tap in to the true highest potential of the new comer, and create a rich company culture here onwards

Course content


Manage stress and anxiety levels in the workplace using mindfulness for high performance

Empty Your Teacup

See and create new opportunities to add value in your own authentic way to your team, department or company

Possess An Eagle Eye

Stop looking and start seeing ways to improve your team or departments products and services to make it shine bright

Think and Become

Believe in doing things better in your team, department or company Create a state of ‘must’ for your team, department or company


Overcome anxieties which have held you back from delivering your true highest potential

Honestly Express Yourself

Communicate both bad and good news with an ecology and congruency, to manage colleagues with positive forward looking mindset

Be Like Water

Get into a state of vision and happiness Get into your flow so you can create value in the organization

Power Side Forwards

Identify your true strengths to add maximum value to your team and department

Stay Ahead

Identify your strategy and timeline Identify how to manage risks and issues along the way