Sales & Marketing (2 days)

Learn the art of sales and marketing with grace for stakeholder management, stakeholder buy-in, business negotiations and sales

For:   Senior managers, Programme Managers, Project Managers, Team leaders, All sales and marketing employees

Course objectives

  • Understand how to create a win-win situation
  • Understand the marketing and sales process to match the buying cycle
  • Understand how customers buy and their beliefs
  • Learn how to sell without being pushy
  • Learn sales strategies
  • Understand how to attract potential customers, create a following, leading to sales conversion
  • Create the perfect pitch
  • Learn how to package your offerings effectively to make your products and services accessible for your target market
  • Cultivate your marketing skills and awareness
  • Learn how to be authentic when selling

Course content

  • Congruency and ecology
  • Marketing and sales
  • Obstacles to people spending money
  • The art of selling without selling
  • SPIN selling
  • Getting customers
  • Tribe leader
  • Share share
  • The perfect pitch
  • The right package and price
  • Eight characteristics of successful marketers
  • How many markets do you have?
  • How many businesses are you in?
  • Emotional content
  • Make it your own